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Bruce Gerrie

Bruce Gerrie graduated from American University in 1970 with a degree in history. In 1973, he began a business collecting and selling architectural antiques and historic building materials in St. Louis. By 1995, Bruce was collaborating salvage efforts with artist Bob Cassilly to provide materials for the world famous City Museum, a hands-on exploratory amusement and learning venue for children and adults. The City Museum is one of the greenest projects in the country today, since it has been built almost entirely with cast offs from demolitions and is located in a converted downtown shoe factory. Bruce was also the owner and curator of the St. Louis Architectural Museum at City Museum. For over 40 years, Bruce has also been specializing in reclaimed lumber and planks from buildings slated for demolition to users across the country, creating American Timber Salvage in 2006.

Bruce was recently featured by designStL in their January/February 2022 issue.

Laura Johnson
Project Manager

Laura Johnson is a licensed architect and graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Architecture in 1991. She returned to St. Louis, her home town, and began her career focusing on historic renovations and new infill projects throughout the St. Louis area and with the National Park Service. Laura provides the behind the scenes attention to detail such as creating inventories, drawings and general office support for American Timber Salvage.

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